Natural Tooth Powder

$6.00 $12.00 -50% OFF

Natural Tooth Powder

$6.00 $12.00 -50% OFF

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Natural Tooth Powder from Bee-OCH is certified USDA organic.

Making review lists in the Best Category for natural toothpaste

Eliminate toxins in your tooth-brushing routine by cutting out industrial fluoride, foaming sulfates, artificial flavors, and colors.

This toothpowder is made with all-natural clays to absorb toxins and polish away plaque. The mineral content takes the place of fluoride to strengthen enamel while the baking soda helps to keep the teeth white and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

There is a mild foaming action that makes it feel like regular toothpaste.

*1 oz Container Lasts 6 Weeks with Twice Daily Brushing

*How to Use Tooth Powder:​

  • Wet toothbrush thoroughly and dip the bristles halfway into the powder,
  • Use what remains on your brush.
  • Brush like normal for 2+ minutes.
  • Spit and rinse! That’s it!

Pro Tip: If there is not enough water on your brush to turn the powder into a thin paste the first time, add a bit more. Be careful not to rinse the paste off your brush.
Containers have threaded lids, so they twist off.

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