Spiral Light Candles burn AROUND the Candle's Edge!



Small 3” w x 3” h Medium 4"w x 4"h Large 4"w x 6"h


Vanilla+Tobacco European Lilac Seaglass Cucumber Melon Pinot Grigio Blue Sage

Spiral Light Candles burn AROUND the Candle's Edge!


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Small 3” w x 3” h Medium 4"w x 4"h Large 4"w x 6"h


Vanilla+Tobacco European Lilac Seaglass Cucumber Melon Pinot Grigio Blue Sage

Spiral Light Candles, the newest innovation in candles, burn in a spiral and are the perfect candles for weddings, gifts, and the home.

Some frequently asked questions about Spiral Candles are:

How does a Spiral Candle work?

  • Spiral Light Candles burn in two ways with two different wicks. First, ignite the outer wick at the top of the candle.  This wick burns in a spiral that starts from the top of the candle, moving in a downward spiral and melting wax into the candle's center before self-extinguishing. The wax will melt into the center of the candle.
  • Then, light the wood wick in the center of the candle to burn the wax in the center of the candle.

What are Spiral Candles made of?  What type of wax is used?

  • For this candle to work, be safe and melt in a way that it can be used for the second lighting, a non-toxic, food-grade, highly-refined proprietary blend of paraffin and microcrystalline wax is used.  A soy candle cannot achieve the same type of burn.

How long do Spiral Light Candles last?

The size of the candle determines how long the candle lasts.  Spiral Candles burn twice, first in a spiral and then as a traditional wooden wick candle.

  • The large Spiral Light Candle - The outside spiral will burn for 3 hours and the wooden wick will burn for 40 hours.
  • The medium Spiral Light Candle - The outside spiral will burn for 2 hours and the wooden wick will burn for 30 hours.
  • The small Spiral Light Candle - The outside spiral will burn for 1 hour and the wooden wick will burn for 20 hours.

These slow-burning candles offer an extended burn time to provide long-lasting illumination.

How do you make a Spiral Candle?

Spiral Light Candles have a patent with the US Government, (A self-filling candle patent) but essentially, there is a complex machine that adds a wick to the candle. They are not produced by hand.

Does a Spiral Light Candle come in a box?

Yes! While the pictures of the candles are without boxes, each comes in a box, making it easy to wrap and present as a gift.

What is the difference between a spiral candle and a Spiral Light Candle?

Lots! A spiral candle is shaped like a tapered candle, but there is a twist.  Spiral Light Candles burn two ways, first around the edge or rim of the candle, and then when the wax has melted into the center of the candle, another wick in the candle's center will burn the candle like usual.

What are Spiral Candles used for?

Brides and wedding planners love Spiral Candles for unique wedding centerpieces and decorations. Instead of using boring votive candles for the table, use a candle that smells fantastic and will impress your guests as an elegant wedding centerpiece with a mesmerizing spiral burn.  Give them as a wedding gift, a hostess gift, or a romantic gift for someone you love.

Everyone has seen Yankee candles or Goose Creek candles, but Spiral Candles are new and people love using them as wedding candles.  Mix white candles with flowers for the best decorations or have three candles per table, a small, medium, and large for a hypnotic flame that your guests will always remember.

They can also be used for wedding favors for your guests after you've walked down the aisle and the ceremony is over.  These aren't simple white tea candles that decorate tables.  The spiral light travels in a swirl, adding a huge wow factor.  These candles burn in a circle and the outside candle melts into another candle that can then be lit.

Home decorators who need a statement candle or a modern home accent feel that Sprial Candle can add light and motion to your home, especially during Christmas and the holidays.  Snowy Spruce is our favorite during the holiday season.

Are Spiral Candles Safe?

Yes, they are as safe as any other candle.  The spiral wick that twists around the candle burns on the inside, so the flame is kept behind a wall of wax as it burns around the candle.  The second wick burns like a regular candle.

Where are Spiral Light Candles Made?

We're proud to say that Spiral Light Candles are made in Afton, Minnesota in the USA.

Spiral Light Candles vs Spiral Melt Candles.  Which is better?

So, Spiral Light Candles are American made and there is no need to trim the wick each time you use it.  The wax on a Spiral Light Candle only falls on the inside, never on the outside due to its patented design.  Also, Spiral Light Candle has a solid wood wick that allows you to burn the candle for another 20, 30, or 40 hours depending on the size of the candle.  

What fragrances/scents do Spiral Light Candles have?

Spiral Candles uses four scent families: woody, floral, exotic, and fresh. 

Spiral Candle Fragrances

European Lilac, Peony, Sweet Violet White Tea & Ginger are floral scents.

Woody scents are Cinnamon Bark & Clove, Evergreen, Moringa Leaves & Cypress, Vintage Wood, and Smokey Tonka Bean.

Exotic scents are Cardamon & Milk, Cashmere Dream, Cinnamon Bark & Clove, Orange & Cloves, Saffron & Almond, and Vanilla & Tobacco.

Fresh scents are Cranberry Mango, Cucumber Melon, Lavender & Chamomile, Mango Mai Tai, Sea Glass, and White Tea & Ginger.

What are Spiral Candles made of?

They are made of soy with a mix of paraffin for safety and scent strength.  If you are already a candle watcher, get ready to be mesmerized!

What do Spiral Candles smell like?

Here are their scents:


Deeply and richly floral. A realistic scent like that of a freshly blooming lilac bush.


A clean refreshing aroma composed of crisp cucumber, fresh-cut summer honeydew, and sweet watermelon.


Indonesian vanilla bean with a hint of tobacco leaf gives this a uniquely warm and rich scent.


A complex aroma of sweet tonka bean smoked wood, and a bit of spice. Complex and classy.


Whire sands, sea spray and coastal grasses are combined with a splash of citron and notes of geranium, rose, jasmine and mint. A strong scent.


A warm sensual fragrance with cardamom, cinnamon, cacao, coffee, geranium, and a spicy balsamic base.


It is an intoxicating blend of orange peel, maraschino cherries, aromatic bitters, and the finest brandy.


A green amber citrusy scent of bergamot, orange zest, sage, white violet, thyme, winter moss, tonka bean, and patchouli base.


Sparkling bergamot, peach nectar, apple, white grape, and black plum.

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