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Knit Cowled Top in Chambray $110.00
Be the trendsetter of the neighborhood in this Knit Cowled Top! This luxuriously thick knit is cast in a distinct chambray hue, so you won't blend in with the crowd. Drawing stares is effortless with the buttons along the back and the sophisticated cowl neck. Bat sleeves give your look a stylish finesse as you make your way through the day. What an exemplary casual ensemble! This heavier knit will immediately have your attention and your command! From Boho Chic and our model is wearing a size small. 
Satin Cowled Top in Red $110.00
Exquisitely fashioned from opulent satin, the Satin Cowled Top in Red exudes sheer elegance. Its cowled neckline and bat sleeves impart a classical sophistication, and the buttons down the back create a subtler detail to its gorgeous holidays hue. For a brilliant and festive holiday-inspired ensemble, wear it relaxed, or thumb tuck for an elegantly chic finish. Boho Chic offers a top that is both stunning and ageless. Check our other colors!
Spirit Cove by KAVU $105.00
Treat yourself to a winter's retreat with Spirit Cove by KAVU. This luxuriously plush jacket is designed to keep you warm and cozy, with a soft feel that will turn heads. Discover the perfect balance of elegance and comfort with the Spirit Cove by KAVU. Crafted from plush two-tone fleece in a subtle cream and blush combination, this timeless staple has a full open zipper, pockets, and cuffed arms with KAVU quality. Featuring a signature ribbed label on the lower left hip, Spirit Cove blends chic sophistication with unbeatable warmth. Luxuriate in the comfort of Spirit Cove and experience winter in style.    
Cozy Plaid Scarf - 2 colors $29.00
Cozy up in style with this fat plaid scarf! With harvest colors like maroon and gold against a cream based background, you'll be looking even snazzier than the Halloween leaves falling outside. It's the perfect touch of comfort and personality to your Autumn look.
Riverton Wrap Neutral Co... $34.00
 Classic wrap that can be worn quite a few ways. We love the large button adornment that can adjust to your needs. Adaptable and usable in 2-5 ways. This fall enjoy the neutral colors! An endlessly versatile look that will keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting. Add an extra touch of sophistication to any ensemble with this one-of-a-kind accessory.    
Brushed Scarf in Plaid $37.50
Wrap yourself up with something cozy- that's not your grandma's plaid! This Brushed Scarf in Plaid has two styles, one that's light blue and white, and one that's blush, blue, gray, and cream. It's made from a soft blend of acrylic wool and nylon, and is 12" X 72", with long tasseled ends for extra coziness. It's the perfect accessory for a snuggly night in- or out! 60% acrylic, 28% wool, 12% nylon for strength
Raspberry Twill Flare Pa... $79.00
Step out in style with Charlie B's Raspberry Twill Flare Pant! These luscious trousers will add a pop of color to any fall or winter wardrobe. Show off the asymmetrical hem and frayed edge with confidence! A rich raspberry hue never looked so good!  
Rice Jean in Truffle by ... $69.00
Fall head over heels for the Rice Jean in Truffle by Charlie B! These sleek slim legs give you the perfect fit with a carefree stretch. Show off your style with their rich truffle color. Plus, they're as fun to wear as they are to look at!  
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Welcome To Mattie B's Gifts & Apparel

Hello! I'm Matilda Hunsicker and I started Mattie B's Gifts & Apparel to fill the need for Patrick County locals and Stuart, VA residents to find wonderful gifts for family and friends. Now we ship to all states in the continental US; Please let us know what we can do for you!

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Thumbs Up - LOVE Letter $4.99
Thumbs Up- LOVE Letter – this creative and handmade letter will have you saying "Ok, I LOVE it!". Perfect for expressing your affection to someone special, this unique and thoughtful gift will certainly put a thumbs up on their face. Carefully crafted by hand to bring purpose and joy to your office, home, or somewhere special. Ceramic thumbs up give you a quiet chance to speak your mind. Handcrafted, expect slight variations in each piece Each number built to stand upright on its own Stoneware clay body with non-toxic high-fired glazes Size: height 1.6", depth 0.6", width 0.6" to 2.0" (depending on number) Each letter provides one week of clean water via Water for Good
& - LOVE Letter $4.99
Carefully crafted to bring purpose and joy to your office, home, or somewhere special. Our ceramic ampersand gives so many opportunities for sharing, giving, and noting so many things in relationship with one another. Handcrafted, expect slight variations in each piece Each number is built to stand upright on its own Stoneware clay body with non-toxic high-fired glazes Size: height 1.6", depth 0.6", width 0.6" to 2.0" (depending on number) Each letter provides one week of clean water via Water for Good
Designed for Greatness $13.99
Designed for Greatness is a devotional book specifically written for men. Each entry contains a relevant Scripture, discussion, and prayer, equipping readers to dismantle their fears and trust in God more deeply. An essential tool for spiritual growth. 206 pages
Executive Arc Spark Lighter $39.99
Introducing the Revolutionary Arc Spark Lighter: Ignite Your World with Ease! Are you tired of struggling with traditional lighters that fail to deliver a reliable flame? Do you find yourself constantly fumbling with matches or disposable lighters that just don't cut it? It's time to upgrade your ignition game and embrace the cutting-edge technology of the Arc Spark Lighter! Unleash the Power of Arc Spark Technology: Imagine a world where lighting candles, starting campfires, or igniting gas stoves is a breeze, every single time. With our state-of-the-art Arc Spark Lighter, that world becomes a reality. This innovative device utilizes advanced arc spark technology, providing you with a consistent and powerful flame at the touch of a button. Unparalleled Benefits That Set Us Apart: Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Unlike traditional lighters, the Arc Spark Lighter eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and gases. Say goodbye to disposable lighters that contribute to environmental pollution. Our arc spark technology harnesses the power of electricity, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Reliable Ignition: Never struggle to light up again! The Arc Spark Lighter ensures reliable ignition in any situation, be it windy weather or high altitudes. With its advanced design and powerful sparks, you can effortlessly light candles, grills, fireplaces, and much more, without the frustration of repeated attempts. Long-lasting and Rechargeable: Tired of constantly buying new lighters or running out of butane? Our Arc Spark Lighter is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, providing hours of continuous use on a single charge. No more wasteful disposable lighters or frustrating trips to the store for refills. Recharge it using an everyday USB charger! Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Our Arc Spark Lighter is designed for convenience and versatility. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag, ensuring you always have a reliable ignition source at your fingertips. From lighting candles to starting your outdoor adventures, this versatile tool has got you covered. Stylish and Durable: We believe that functionality should be complemented by aesthetics. That's why our Arc Spark Lighter features a sleek, modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday life. Crafted with high-quality materials, this durable lighter is built to last, making it an investment you can rely on for years. Elevate Your Cigar Ritual: We understand the significance of a flawless cigar ignition. That's why we've developed the Arc Spark Lighter specifically with cigar enthusiasts in mind. With its advanced arc spark technology, this remarkable lighter ensures an even and consistent flame, allowing you to savor the full flavors of your favorite cigars. Ignite a New Era of Convenience: The Arc Spark Lighter revolutionizes the way you light up your world. Experience the benefits of effortless ignition, eco-friendly operation, and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional lighters and embrace the future of lighting technology. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already discovered the convenience of the Arc Spark Lighter. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your life with a reliable, safe, and stylish ignition solution. Quick flip USB arc lighter is easy to carry in the pocket for your every need. 3 finishes: silver, black, and matte black They are presented in a gift box. 
Hydrangea Gift Box Set o... $38.00
Set of 5 lovely scented candles in a beautiful and reusable gift box for storage and decoration. Hydrangeas bring peace and ca with them and so do their colors and appearance! 5 included. 
Puppy Themed Mugs $9.99
Four cute styles of the perfect weight mug. Puppies in our favorite poses: Over the moon (howling) You are my Sunshine Not until I have had my coffee (bulldog) I am on Cloud 9 when I think of you.
Bling Brush Jewelry Cleaner $19.99
Instant Bling!! Easy purse sized quick brush up of jewelry cleaner. Simple tube style similar to a lip gloss and simply brush the dim away! Safe for all your jewelry 

Spiral Candles Are Amazing!

Don't light boring candles, impress your guests with our candle that burns around the EDGE of the candle!

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