Talk Blocks $4.50
Sweet little cards of wood to sit on the shelf, the desk, the nightstand or most anywhere to humor or encourage those we love. Each talk block is 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"
Make it Better Bandages | Camouflage Fix $6.50
Bandages are not for hiding anymore. Who says adults cannot have bandages that make them smile?  Everyone will love the shark themed bandages which come in a box of 30 and are decorated with scary sharks.   Individually wrapped sterile adhesive bandages protect sensitive wounds from coming into contact with germs and dirt for first-aid and wound care. Cushions and protects cuts and scrapes without sticking to them. Long-lasting, sure-stick adhesive stays secure with easy open wrapper. Easy storage. Portable for travel.  
Bella Tunno Bubbi Pacifier $7.99
A perfect pacifier full of all the sass and personality and is created as the lightest weight in its class and geared toward 0-6 months and designed with a parent-bonding nipple. Food grade silicon and dishwasher safe. Measuring 2” with a 1.5” radius. 
Dancing Flamingos $32.00
Fun times Fiona  14” has dressed a little like Cyndi Lauper and dances to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” while 17” Paradise Penny dances and sings to “Jump in Line (Dance Senora)”
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