At Mattie B's we take your safety as well as our own safety seriously.

In an effort to provide a clean and secure environment, we do the following:


  • Wiping down all hard frequently used surfaces hourly or as used by persons
  • providing Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer as your comfort prescribes
  • providing disposable gloves at your request
  • We ourselves are wearing masks when appropriate
  • We alone are touching the credit card machine and you alone are touching your credit/debit card


We are providing:

  • in store shopping by appointment and with need
  • curb service and local delivery within a 5-mile radius
  • free in store pick up
  • free shipping on orders greater than $75
  • increased presence on
  • Social Media purchasing, Venmo, PayPal
  • FaceTime Calls and messaging services for shopping
  • As always, complimentary gift wrap
  • A grateful thanks and a SMILE!


  • We wear gloves while packaging your orders.
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