Double-Sided Magnetic Target Game - Woodland $29.99
A sure winner! Unleash your inner champion with our Double-Sided Magnetic Target Game - Woodland. This versatile and durable game is perfect for any playroom or porch, measuring 14.25"W x 21.5"L. Made from weather-resistant coated canvas, it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. The colorful designs on each side provide double the fun while the point system offers a variety of challenges to keep the game exciting. Take it with you wherever you go, thanks to the sturdy storage tube included. This game is sure to improve your aim, coordination, balance, and patience while providing endless entertainment.
Word Teasers | About Dogs $14.95
If you love dogs or know someone who does, you’ll be barking up the right tree with this little box of 150 entertaining questions and fun facts about all things canine. • 150 cards• Colorful classic deck size 3″ x 3″
Word Teasers | Old Wives Tales $14.95
Do you believe in old wives’ tales? Test your knowledge of these superstitions, myths and legends and then see if you can figure out which ones are actually true… and which are just plain goofy! Ages 8+
Word Teasers | World Geo $14.95
Tantalizing tidbits about the world around us. Using a multiple-choice format, the front of the card asks the questions. The back of the card reveals the answer, along with fascinating facts about the location. Ages: 8+
Word Teasers | Misconceptions $14.95
150 questions to challenge what you believe to be true. It is a memory bender. Have you ever remembered something one way, only to discover that your recollection doesn’t match history – even though you’re SURE you’re correct? Ages: 12+ “I’m really shocked by how many things I KNEW I knew – but knew WRONG.” ~ Brent F. (14 years old).
Word Teasers | Funny Sayings $14.95
150 silly and thought-provoking conversation starters using common phrases (e.g., raining cats and dogs). The origin of the idiom and the definition are on the back of each card. Ages: 8+ “My two boys love these – they’re fun but they’re also interesting. I love that they’re learning while they play.” ~ Suzanne R.
Word Teasers | SAT Vocabulary $14.95
150 challenging conversation starters with SAT/ACT level words for high school students or anyone else who wants to improve their vocabulary by way of a fun conversation. The definition of each word is on the back of the card Ages: 12+ “My daughter says these make studying NOT feel like studying. These cards were a powerful, fun addition to her study system” – Julie M.
Tenzi & Tenzi Cards $14.99
Quick acting family game of dice. Be the first to have all 10 dice the same number and then yell TENZI! Multiple ways to play and each round takes 2-4 minutes. Ages 7-97 Each box has enough for 4 players. **You do not have to have the cards to play the dice. You DO need the dice to play with the cards.
Fleks by Speks $24.95
A great silicon desk toy of bendable silicon and rare earth magnets! Choose from one of four colors with 8 pieces of bendable fun. The perfect fidget at your desk. Great satisfaction and blood pressure are released through the play of fidgets that are ever changing and flexing with finger play.   More than 100 different ways to pose and still counting. AGES 14+: Keep away from all children.
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