Transport 400 by NEBO


Transport 400 by NEBO


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2-in-1 Car Charger & Flashlight
The compact TRANSPORT 400 offers a powerful 400 lumen output and a range of useful features. It can be easily recharged through both USB-C and 12V DC methods, and even has a car charger for USB-A devices. Additionally, the flashlight includes a convenient magnetic pocket clip and a Tungsten glass breaker for emergency scenarios.



  • High (250 lumens): 1 hour / 60 meters
  • Medium (50 lumens): 4 hours / 31 meters

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• Red & Red Strobe: 16 hours


  • USB-C & DC (2V) rechargeable
  • USB-A car charger
  • Tungsten glass breaker
  • Anodized aircraft-prade aluminum



(Recharge time: 4 hours)


• (H) 4* x (M) 115*x (D) 132*

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